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All browser text showing in italic? Here’s a solution

An odd thing happened. All of I sudden I noticed all my browser based texts were appearing in a thin italicised font, this applied to chrome, internet explorer 9 and even Steam. Some how the system standard ‘Arial’ font had become corrupted but was quickly put right by reinstalling them through this handy windows setup […]
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a Good Web Host – Lithium Hosting

I refer all my clients to Lithium Hosting for third party hosting. Get more than you will ever need as a startup website with the ‘Blogger’ Package, this is an ideal entry level hosting package. For 30$/¬£18.78 year and 1$/62p a month for your hosting and one domain name. This nets you a massive 80gb […]
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The creative portfolio of Emma Louise.
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Tom Waits – Jitterbug Boy

Well, I'm a jitterbug boy, by the shoe-shine Resting on my laurels and my hardys too Life of Riley on a swing shift, gears follow my drift Once upon a time I was in show-biz too I seen the Brooklyn Dodgers playing at Ebbets Field Seen the Kentucky Derby too It's fast women, slow horses, unreliable sources, And I'm holding up the lamp-post if you want to know
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Album Cover Design

I have set my first paid foot into the scary (no second chances!) world of print with an album cover design for Toronto based band ‘The Boxcar Boys’. The design incorporates high resolution texture and colour as well as several personally uncharted Photoshop¬†techniques, and was assembled into a printer’s template and spec along with the […]
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