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Megaton – Rinse & Repeat Graphics

I’ve just finished a fun little project, one that was much needed after months of solely doing web design. Some of my old friends from university have since been involved in musical projects. Megaton is a dub step group formed of two bassists (one of which is Daniel Henderson from metal band Aghast), Theo Brooke […]
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Jennifer O’ Neill Art

As I have said before, portfolios are my favourite kind of site to do and this was no exception. Jeniffer O’ Neill from Scotland is an artist who illustrates Scottish highland and Irish wild life from Highland cows to hens, stags and hares. Her primary medium is fine line pen and pencil and I wanted […]
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If you have followed my blog (yeah right!) this name will sound familiar. Nick Teehan is the brother of Rob Teehan of whom I’ve done a fair amount of work for in the past, and also a talented musician. We decided Typepad was the most convenient platform to use and I developed a custom theme […]
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Holly Wallpaper

Hey internet. I made a wallpaper homage to ‘Holly’ from the TV Series, Red Dwarf, because I couldn’t find any good ones on the web. Make your Laptop Holly powered today! 1280×800 – normal Holly –Click here to download. 1920×1080 – Holly HD –Click here to download. 1280×800 – pixelised Holly –Click here to download. […]
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