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I’ve just finished a fun little project, one that was much needed after months of solely doing web design.

Some of my old friends from university have since been involved in musical projects. Megaton is a dub step group formed of two bassists (one of which is Daniel Henderson from metal band Aghast), Theo Brooke (also involved in other projects) and a producer Martyn Bell, who take influences from video game culture with a particular-but-not-exclusive focus on the post apocalyptic game series, Fallout.
Pip Boy
The games are set in the future but have always had a retro, 40’s/50’s kitsch aesthetic to them. A characterisation of this would be the ‘Pip boy’ character which features heavily in the games as an assistive illustrated character within the computer interface of an electronic device (Personal Interface Processor) you carry in the game.

The group approached me with the idea to illustrate all the members of the band in the style of Pip Boy, and to have this image transposed on to the label of a detergent bottle, photographed by Daniel’s girlfriend. This image would be used as a cover for their upcoming E.P. “Rinse & Repeat“.

I began by drawing the lines in Photoshop, I decided against going all vector on this as the final image was to be used purely as a digital record cover. I cited images both images of the boys and of Pip Boy, whose image is readily available in lots of poses.

It was a challenge to strike a balance between including the elements that make Pip Boy, Pip Boy and also creating a visual likeness to the real life people at the same time.

Megaton Pipboys

Early line drawings

I then set about composing this on to the digital image of the bottle, colouring in underneath the characters and producing the faux detergent label which was to fall in line with the retro stylings of Fallout.

The bottles texture was grey scaled, copied and overlayed on top of the artwork and typography using various layer blend modes, this helped create the illusion that the imagery was really on the bottle. Rust marks were added in to the background and blurred in line with the natural soft focus of the camera.

Megaton - Rinse & Repeat
(Click to embiggen)

Megaton’s Rinse & Repeat will be available next week, but meanwhile, checkout their soundcloud account by clicking here.

or listen to “Neutron Initiation” here.

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