It’s been a while since I could blog about any web design work I’ve been doing but this month we released a new lifestyle blog into the wild.

Radiance Manifesto is a beauty, fitness, travel and food related blog running on WordPress and using the Hemlock theme at it’s heart.

My role in it’s production was in the branding and customisation of the theme and some basic tutoring on using the back end.

I was keen to make sure my client could use the site for it’s intended purposes in the easiest way possible. Some of the criteria was to be able integrate an existing instagram account, as well as to be able to input recipes in a user friendly manner.

RM Branding

When thinking about the branding I was conscious of the fact that it’s easy to pick the obvious routes when designing something so feminine.

Pink was certainly out, as were curvy hand written typefaces! Whilst those things suggest femininity, they also seemed too obvious and not sophisticated enough for the purposes of the blog.

I think what we ended up with was both sophisticated looking, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, whilst still ticking the feminine ‘box’.


The only symbolic aspect of the logo is the use of the asterisk shape to represent the ‘radiant’ part of the title. The philosophy behind the blog is to encourage readers to become the best, most radiant version of them selves through good eating, travel, health and beauty and I wanted this to be present in the logo.

Radiance Manifesto

Radiance Manifesto is now in it’s early stages, but currently live at

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