Love Bad Movies? Check out “So Bad it’s Good 2: Electric Bookaloo”.

Promotional graphics by Wurwal Design In 2012, So Bad, It’s Good brought the joy of bad movies to readers in a fun, easily digestible format. Now, it’s time to revisit that topic in a big way. So Bad, It’s Good II: Electric Bookaloo is bigger, bolder and badder than the original, giving bad movie fans [...]
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Chocobo Tshirt!

Qwertee : Limited Edition Cheap Daily T Shirts | Gone in 24 Hours | T-shirt Only £8€10$12 | Cool Graphic Funny Tee Shirts LAST 24 HOURS! Check out my new “Chocobo Crossing” tshirt available only on for 48 hours from now!
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Beaker Tshirt!

Qwertee-Male-Mockup You can buy my Shakespearian Beaker tshirt design over at today for 24 hours.
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So long, MCA, and thanks for all the rhymes.

beastie_wp_th Yesterday, MCA from the Beastie Boys passed away so I made this in Illustrator/Photoshop in honour of the Beastie Boys, it’s wallpaper size so feel free to adorn it on whatever device you see fit. It’s influenced by both the New York subway map of the 70′s and the Beastie Boys track “Root Down”. been [...]
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Keep it ZOOT!

Keep it ZOOT! Hey internet, just stopping by to tell you of a t shirt design I made for This is only my second attempt at a t shirt design for Threadless, because I’ve never felt particularly enthusiastic about one of my designs being printed. But it is a good opportunity to practice the Illustration skills then [...]
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Faberge Easter Egg Design

Chubba's Egg Check out my Easter egg design I made for a competition! “Nobunny knows who stole the eggs, ‘cept Chubba and The Sun” Thanks to and bigstock photo for awarding me with £100 of printing and stock imagery credit.
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Holly Wallpaper

Holly Wallpaper Hey internet. I made a wallpaper homage to ‘Holly’ from the TV Series, Red Dwarf, because I couldn’t find any good ones on the web. Make your Laptop Holly powered today! 1280×800 – normal Holly -Click here to download. 1920×1080 – Holly HD -Click here to download. 1280×800 – pixelised Holly -Click here to download. [...]
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Cat Girl

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jewlek Hey, why don’t I post 2 vector pictures I made just for the crack of it. I challenged myself to draw a vector portrait from a grainy source photo. and a Jewish Dalek. Actually, this is a (72×72) twitter icon for somebody, hence the lack of detail.
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Thomas’ Campbell’s Curry

Browning the Chicken Here is an adapted recipe of my Nana’s which I have turned into a simple mild curry. Based on a condensed soup, it’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy and delicious. I’m not a chef or anything and this is a bit experimental, but it turned out very tasty, feel free to offer adjustments if need [...]
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“Sometimes I Worry that Your Head is in the Clouds”

cityscape I’ve been playing with my new Bamboo tablet and Art Rage 3. Get this as your Wallpaper! 1280×800 (wide) – Download / 1280×1024 (more square) – Download
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I’m Working I’m Working!

Turn your speakers on! (not too loudly though, music starts at 0:05)
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