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Wuffpiepsmiau - Tierarzt - Dornbacher Strasse 4A 3, 1170 WIEN I worked with Vienna based graphic design house on this website for a veterinarian surgeon called ‘wuffpiepsmiau’. Through collaboration and liaison we were able to bring a minimalist and functional website to fruition. The site has some very specific formats when it comes to page navigation and reading blog posts. I was also able [...]
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custom In November I was mostly working on – a website for a start up business which deals with personal social networking management. The site branding, which includes a caricature of the founder and “Charlie Brown” stylings was created by me and incorporated into a fully fledged website. The various packages available through the website [...]
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freeseo_big Well it’s been a while since my work load has spilled back into web design from the purely graphical side of things, but I am pleased to announce I finished help develop and design a new website at the start of October called features a blog with articles on SEO, an SEO glossary [...]
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Cat Mecha Tshirt!

nekomecha-big A white edition of my ‘neko mecha mk.ii’ tshirt can be bought this week over at I am a featured artist on the site. Click here to order your own copy!
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“Marvin’s Medicine” Tshirt – Available today for £8/10€/12$ worldwide

Click here to purchase the Hijackers' Guide t shirt online Hey! My new “Marvin the Paranoid Android” inspired t shirt design is available to purchase today for £8/10€/12$ worldwide today at!
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Ernewein Mockup 1 It’s also dawned on me that I have not even mentioned a site I did a while back for Canadian musician Alex Ernewein. The site went through a lot of mockup design phases but at the end we settled for a very minimalist design. It’s very rare (and refreshing!) that a web design client is [...]
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It’s Been a Long Time Coming

robinandpotter_v2 Hi Internet, it’s been a while since I have updated my blog. I have been busy with more branding for Canadian band, The Boxcar Boys and their new album ‘Rye Whisky’. A 3 panel CD has been sent to the printers and will be out next week, but more on that later. For now I’d [...]
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Miami Real Estate News Blog

Miami Real Estate News Blog Miami Real Estate Blog joins my portfolio to make a total of 4 blogs I have created for real estate brokers. Like the previous, this is the ideal platform for brokers to blog on, with built in tools for displaying anything from real estate statistics to maps of properties and information on the surrounding area, [...]
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Attorney’s Website

CFG Law Last May I finished a website for a Philadelphia based group of attorneys who specialise in immigration/citizenship and social security law. The website is mainly a graphical overhaul of their previous site which was an off-the-shelf site template offered as part of their host package. In addition it also has added multilingual switching capabilities and [...]
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GURO Promotions

GURO Promotions website GURO Promotions (“Get up, Rock Out”) are a young, new music promotion company based in Hampshire. We began by establishing a basic brand. I made the following logo to capture the feeling of going to a live concert, the typography is a modification of the Diavlo free font by Jos Buivenga’s exljbris Font Foundry, making [...]
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Megaton – Rinse & Repeat Graphics

Megaton Pipboys I’ve just finished a fun little project, one that was much needed after months of solely doing web design. Some of my old friends from university have since been involved in musical projects. Megaton is a dub step group formed of two bassists (one of which is Daniel Henderson from metal band Aghast), Theo Brooke [...]
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Jennifer O’ Neill Art

Jeniffer O'Neil Artwork As I have said before, portfolios are my favourite kind of site to do and this was no exception. Jeniffer O’ Neill from Scotland is an artist who illustrates Scottish highland and Irish wild life from Highland cows to hens, stags and hares. Her primary medium is fine line pen and pencil and I wanted [...]
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Nick If you have followed my blog (yeah right!) this name will sound familiar. Nick Teehan is the brother of Rob Teehan of whom I’ve done a fair amount of work for in the past, and also a talented musician. We decided Typepad was the most convenient platform to use and I developed a custom theme [...]
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Photography Portfolio of Raymond Cheng

Raymond Cheng Photography Portfolio Raymond Cheng is an up and coming freelance photographer based in Luton who was looking to get some of his portfolio online. When somebody approaches me with exciting creative work such as this, it’s always a pleasure to bring them some much deserved, professional looking online presence. We took a minimalistic, functional approach with [...]
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