Flash Exports Bad Quality Animated Gif’s? A Workaround.

warren_ani_gplus_3 The Problem You may be here because you have made an animation in Flash (in this example it is CS6) and you want to export it into an animated gif. The problem is that Flash, even when set to 256 colours in the export dialogue window, generates animated gif’s that look like this: Hey, what’s […]
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How to Check your Sites Page Rank

pagerank If you are curious to know what your website page rank is, or indeed what page rank even is you can use this tool from It could not be simpler to use, simply enter your website url and click the button. for more information and tools regarding SEO, check out
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All browser text showing in italic? Here’s a solution

italicised browser text An odd thing happened. All of I sudden I noticed all my browser based texts were appearing in a thin italicised font, this applied to chrome, internet explorer 9 and even Steam. Some how the system standard ‘Arial’ font had become corrupted but was quickly put right by reinstalling them through this handy windows setup […]
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a Good Web Host – Lithium Hosting

lithium hosting I refer all my clients to Lithium Hosting for third party hosting. Get more than you will ever need as a startup website with the ‘Blogger’ Package, this is an ideal entry level hosting package. For 30$/£18.78 year and 1$/62p a month for your hosting and one domain name. This nets you a massive 80gb […]
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Slow or Broken Web Page Loading on Belkin N150? (Solutions for Complete Beginners)

networkicon Update: Please note that this is more of a workaround then a fix. I have owned several Belkins in the past which simply do not work properly on issues such as this as well as others (port forwarding for example). Ultimately, I have two recommendations for US or UK visitors as an alternative router (at […]
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5 WordPress Theme Development Tips to Save you Time and Keep your Theme Original

Just another Wordpress Blog Here are five WordPress development tips (aimed more at the web designer) I have put together through 2-3 years of working with WordPress. 1. Use a Cloud Based Service to Backup your Theme and Source Code Use a cloud based backup service like Dropbox (free for up to 2gb of storage, subscriptions for more). As […]
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Test IE5, IE6, IE7 and 8 within your browser

If you are a web designer and find yourself developing on a mac it is reasonably difficult to test Internet explorer natively. Use the following link to submit an url and receive a screen shot of your website-in-development rendered in various browsers. Unfortunately for now (which I have previously recommended) have witheld their IE […]
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Web enabled cross browser testing

I have found this to be useful. Launch a suite of browsers ( including IE6, 7, 8 ) from within Firefox (Install the extension) for cross browser testing.
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@font-face Font Embedding Code Generator

If you want to embed custom fonts in to your web pages without going for a css image replacement hack, you may be aware of @font-face. As with pretty much anything, this is an awkward implementation to get working on all current and legacy browsers. You can spend hours researching how to fulfil the quirks […]
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123-reg hosting (Webfusion) is rubbish.

Oh, Hi connection reset. Update: In this post I describe a recommended web host. For a domain registrar, 123-reg have always been my preferred choice. The prices are reasonable and the control panel for domain management clear and easy to use. Their hosting service (provided by Webfusion) on the other hand is another story. I recently went with their […]
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(updated) Trust Tablet OSX drivers Solution

Trust 400 tablet © Trust International B.V. Trust 400 Tablet not Working in OSX? Update!: I was contacted by a programmer who is developing his own drivers for Waltop and OEM tablets (Trust is one of theses) running on OSX You can download and give feedback for this over at Otherwise, check out my drivers below. Users of Leopard should try […]
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