Love Bad Movies? Check out “So Bad it’s Good 2: Electric Bookaloo”.

Promotional graphics by Wurwal Design

In 2012, So Bad, It’s Good brought the joy of bad movies to readers in a fun, easily digestible format. Now, it’s time to revisit that topic in a big way. So Bad, It’s Good II: Electric Bookaloo is bigger, bolder and badder than the original, giving bad movie fans more of what they crave: terrible films, and lots of them.If you’ve read So Bad, It’s Good, you will have enjoyed learning about The Room, Troll 2, Birdemic, and the rest of the brilliantly awful films covered in that volume. But there are hundreds of other great bad movies out there, and it’s time to shine a light on more movies that are so bad, they’re good.

Click here to pledge as little as 1$ to help make the book real! or preorder the digital/paperback release.

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“Shoot for the Moon” Portal Influenced Design


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In November I was mostly working on – a website for a start up business which deals with personal social networking management.

The site branding, which includes a caricature of the founder and “Charlie Brown” stylings was created by me and incorporated into a fully fledged website.

The various packages available through the website are presented through collapsable sections which present the visitor with the products included in each package in a manageable, easy-to-read way.


The custom ‘Build-a-Package tool’ was written in jQuery and is used in combination with Tectite’s open source PHP form mail script to mail the visitor’s input to the admin.

Another interesting feature is my custom coded jQuery ‘Build-a-Package’ form. The visitor ticks off products according to preference, as each product is is selected the total price of the package updates. When the user is done creating a custom package they can submit their selections to the site admin via a web form. The resulting email includes all the products required from the customer as well as the cost.

So, if you are a small business or individual in the UK Midlands looking for personal one-to-one social networking management, check out Warren Niva!

Site is live at

Warren Niva

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How to Check your Sites Page Rank

If you are curious to know what your website page rank is, or indeed what page rank even is you can use this tool from It could not be simpler to use, simply enter your website url and click the button.


for more information and tools regarding SEO, check out

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Well it’s been a while since my work load has spilled back into web design from the purely graphical side of things, but I am pleased to announce I finished help develop and design a new website at the start of October called features a blog with articles on SEO, an SEO glossary and a suite of 4 customised tools which can help gauge various aspects of your website with regard to search engine optimisation. These tools include keyword density analysers, page rank checker and search engine position checker.

All these tools have the added capability of being embeddable within third party websites or blogs.

Site is live at

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Cat Mecha Tshirt!

A white edition of my ‘neko mecha mk.ii’ tshirt can be bought this week over at I am a featured artist on the site.

Click here to order your own copy!


order a shirt at

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“Marvin’s Medicine” Tshirt – Available today for £8/10€/12$ worldwide

Hey! My new “Marvin the Paranoid Android” inspired t shirt design is available to purchase today for £8/10€/12$ worldwide today at!

Click here to purchase the Hijackers' Guide t shirt online

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It’s also dawned on me that I have not even mentioned a site I did a while back for Canadian musician Alex Ernewein.

The site went through a lot of mockup design phases but at the end we settled for a very minimalist design. It’s very rare (and refreshing!) that a web design client is keen to make their website as minimal as possible. This may even be the first truly minimal design I have made since I went freelance.

Below I have included some of the previous designs as well as the one we settled on.

Ernewein Mockup 1

Ernewein mockup 2

Ernewein mockup 3

Final Design Mockup

Make sure you check out Alex Ernewein’s latest song “Blue Skies” below.

and check out his (really really well crafted) album, “Your Own Story” by clicking here.

Site is live at

If you are a musician or artist check out my website specification submission form to get your project started.

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Hi Internet, it’s been a while since I have updated my blog. I have been busy with more branding for Canadian band, The Boxcar Boys and their new album ‘Rye Whisky’. A 3 panel CD has been sent to the printers and will be out next week, but more on that later.

For now I’d like to post a logo I made a while back, and while it will not be used, I am very happy with how it turned out. It’s actually quite rare that I produce a logo which I am really satisfied with.

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Chocobo Tshirt!


Check out my new “Chocobo Crossing” tshirt available only on for 48 hours from now!

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Miami Real Estate News Blog

Miami Real Estate Blog joins my portfolio to make a total of 4 blogs I have created for real estate brokers. Like the previous, this is the ideal platform for brokers to blog on, with built in tools for displaying anything from real estate statistics to maps of properties and information on the surrounding area, all from within a web enabled dashboard.

These kind of sites also provide an excellent way of creating traffic for their main sites.

The design is based off stock imagery from, using credit I won through an illustration competition back in Easter via This proved to be very useful to have!

Site is currently live at

On a side note, I have been very busy in the past month with illustration work since a tshirt design of mine was printed and sold 883 copies. Head over to my illustration page to check out some new work in the top row!

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Beaker Tshirt!

You can buy my Shakespearian Beaker tshirt design over at today for 24 hours.

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Attorney’s Website

Last May I finished a website for a Philadelphia based group of attorneys who specialise in immigration/citizenship and social security law.

The website is mainly a graphical overhaul of their previous site which was an off-the-shelf site template offered as part of their host package.

In addition it also has added multilingual switching capabilities and web forms designed to quickly initiate a dialogue between the company and it’s potential clients.


Site is live at

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