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The Boxies are Back!

ryewhiskey I’ve had a long standing relationship with Canadian band, The Boxcar boys. I have worked on their website as well as several of their album cover designs in the past. This year I have done yet another refresh of their website design. As is often the case, we refresh the website design (which is using […]
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Nick Teehan.com

Nick Teehan.com If you have followed my blog (yeah right!) this name will sound familiar. Nick Teehan is the brother of Rob Teehan of whom I’ve done a fair amount of work for in the past, and also a talented musician. We decided Typepad was the most convenient platform to use and I developed a custom theme […]
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Box Car Boys Website

BcB site V1 To coincide with the recent album cover design I made, I have also been involved in making a new website for The Boxcar Boys. The design was essentially a custom theme built around the blogging CMS ‘Typepad’ and echoes the same style and aesthetic of the CD packaging. The initial design below was proposed but […]
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The Heavyweights Brass Band Typepad Design

The Heavyweights Brass Band This year concludes with a second Typepad theme for musician Rob Teehan (of which I have done previous work for before) and his brass band, ‘The Heavyweights’. The website is now live and available to view at http://www.heavyweightsbrassband.com, be sure to check it out.
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