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Easter is Loomin’

wurwal-chubbas-egg-with-title And I found this old illustration I did for printed.com in my folder of old pictures. Happy pre-emptive Easter from Wurwal Design!
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Fantasy Graphic Design

5gilstamp Check out my latest ‘Final Fantasy’ inspired piece of graphic design. A fantasy-imagined postage stamp design based on the ‘Moogle’ creatures which inhabit the world of Final Fantasy and often handle the mail delivery system within the games.
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Keep it ZOOT!

Keep it ZOOT! Hey internet, just stopping by to tell you of a t shirt design I made for Threadless.com. This is only my second attempt at a t shirt design for Threadless, because I’ve never felt particularly enthusiastic about one of my designs being printed. But it is a good opportunity to practice the Illustration skills then […]
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Faberge Easter Egg Design

Chubba's Egg Check out my Easter egg design I made for a Printed.com competition! “Nobunny knows who stole the eggs, ‘cept Chubba and The Sun” Thanks to printed.com and bigstock photo for awarding me with £100 of printing and stock imagery credit.
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Megaton – Rinse & Repeat Graphics

Megaton Pipboys I’ve just finished a fun little project, one that was much needed after months of solely doing web design. Some of my old friends from university have since been involved in musical projects. Megaton is a dub step group formed of two bassists (one of which is Daniel Henderson from metal band Aghast), Theo Brooke […]
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