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Fantasy Graphic Design

5gilstamp Check out my latest ‘Final Fantasy’ inspired piece of graphic design. A fantasy-imagined postage stamp design based on the ‘Moogle’ creatures which inhabit the world of Final Fantasy and often handle the mail delivery system within the games.
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“Shoot for the Moon” Portal Influenced Design

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Faberge Easter Egg Design

Chubba's Egg Check out my Easter egg design I made for a Printed.com competition! “Nobunny knows who stole the eggs, ‘cept Chubba and The Sun” Thanks to printed.com and bigstock photo for awarding me with £100 of printing and stock imagery credit.
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Cat Girl

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b1ahlu45pl_144393073-2 Hey, why don’t I post 2 vector pictures I made just for the crack of it. I challenged myself to draw a vector portrait from a grainy source photo. and a Jewish Dalek. Actually, this is a (72×72) twitter icon for somebody, hence the lack of detail.
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