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Transform your Small Company’s Literature Today

ca-remake Here is an example of a recently remade amateur magazine ad, if you are interested in making your ad more attractive, whilst still retaining your identity and getting your message across, click here to enquire.
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Fantasy Graphic Design

5gilstamp Check out my latest ‘Final Fantasy’ inspired piece of graphic design. A fantasy-imagined postage stamp design based on the ‘Moogle’ creatures which inhabit the world of Final Fantasy and often handle the mail delivery system within the games.
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Printed Ad for Olney ‘Phonebox’ Magazine

ca_xmas I have delved back into the print world recently with this ad for Milton Keynes based computer/IT company, Counter-Act. This particular ad is for a computer system with a gaming spec, themed to the upcoming Christmas season and aimed for an older demographic to purchase as a gift. In addition to producing a few of […]
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Album Cover Design

The Original Source Photo on which the design was based. I have set my first paid foot into the scary (no second chances!) world of print with an album cover design for Toronto based band ‘The Boxcar Boys’. The design incorporates high resolution texture and colour as well as several personally uncharted Photoshop techniques, and was assembled into a printer’s template and spec along with the […]
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