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Austin MEGA DO 2015

megado15 Back in 2011 I helped build the website for an annual event called the Austin Mega DO, based in Austin, Texas. The event is held for frequent travellers and those who are interested in travel. This year we gave the website an overhaul with a new, more up to date design. Site is live at […]
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Trillion Dollar Bills Y’all!

Zimbabwe Dollars This is a bit late for the blogging but a while back I was involved in creating this design and html/css template for a client who is selling defunct bank notes online for the novelty value. After all, where else can you get a trillion dollar bill? The design revamped the online store’s looks from […]
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Box Car Boys Website

BcB site V1 To coincide with the recent album cover design I made, I have also been involved in making a new website for The Boxcar Boys. The design was essentially a custom theme built around the blogging CMS ‘Typepad’ and echoes the same style and aesthetic of the CD packaging. The initial design below was proposed but […]
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Introducing Coffee Docs.tv

cdocs I’ve spent the best part of a week designing and building a blog which consolidates freely available streamed documentaries and encourages users to rate and discuss them. The design was made from scratch by me and built upon WordPress. I put together a jQuery ‘Part Selector’ in the case that a streamed video is divided […]
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Blog Redesign Project

skblog This February project was a major overhaul of a blog which was previously updated using static html. The historical articles and media of the old site were migrated into WordPress then used as a platform to build a custom theme. Site is live at seankerrigan.com
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Business Coaching Website Project

j2l_full The biggest project of January this year was the production of a business coach website for a company which primarily provides online video coaching and video stream ‘webinars’. The project required me to integrate the site with many third party services which were already well known and used by the client. Some of these included […]
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Boat Insurance Site Redesign

quotewave2_full update: site has been full developed and is live at quotewave.com This January has been a busy one with many projects soon to be finished and blogged about soon. One project which finished early this month was a revamp of a seriously dated looking design for a boat insurance website. Site designs and a new […]
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The Heavyweights Brass Band Typepad Design

The Heavyweights Brass Band This year concludes with a second Typepad theme for musician Rob Teehan (of which I have done previous work for before) and his brass band, ‘The Heavyweights’. The website is now live and available to view at http://www.heavyweightsbrassband.com, be sure to check it out.
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Exciting New Portfolio Project

About the Illustrator Work has begun on a portfolio website for Swedish watercolour illustrator, Maja. As well as showcasing a set of stunning work, the WordPress based site will feature the ability to add new illustrations through the dashboard. Mockups are in their final stages and development will begin soon. Update: Now live at illustrationbym.com
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Event Website

The Austin Mega DO event design I have just finished a design and html/css template for a flying and travel enthusiast get together event in Austin, Texas. The template has been passed on to a Coldfusion developer who will create the booking system for the event.
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advancedmh.com Live

Advancedmh.com This very simple WordPress was put together under a very tight deadline (2-3 days) from some old placeholder text. Advanced Materical and Handling are new Hyundai based forklift dealer, and now have some basic web presence with the option to update or expand the site’s content and functionality in the future very easily, their product […]
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lrlights.com Live

lrlights.com The lighting supplier website design went online several days ago. This static site was built from scratch and was remade from old code to look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. The site is currently live at lrlights.com.
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